My friend Keith Johnson swoops in with the first photo dump from Shade on Saturday! Me and some friends were modeling in the Artstar fashion show at the event. There was also a vogue-off and more! Here is a snap of the accessory table backstage at the show. Can you believe these Artstar accessories?? I got to wear that safety pin cuff on the lower left:

Here is the backstage chaos, me and Kindra are in the thick of it:

We got these balloon structures to wear on our heads:

I love how happy Ade is about this ring:

Butt shot. Check out my panty lines:

Artstar himself! I cannot get over these glasses:

Kindra was cracking me up. At rehearsal she walked the runway for a full two minutes commando in a mini skirt:

The show was called "Artstar Will Kill Us All" but I think it ended up killing Artstar:

Here's when things got glittery. Me, Lisa Dank, and Wiggy Stardust had a moment:

Wiggy had glitter on her for days:

Outfit number two. This is the last time with these scissors I swear:

This is completely dramatic:

With Artstar and his assistant Paul:

This is my boyfriend Kyle, isn't he dreamy?

Tits out. Glitter on:

Taking it to the streets!:

I found glitter confetti in my nose the next day...
You can see more photos by Keith Johnson HERE on his Flickr.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look fabulous love your blog one of my favorites. And I think you look a little bit like Audrey Kitching

  2. Aw thanks!
    i've been getting that a lot lately, maybe her blog is affecting me.

  3. I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pictures! Even if this is the frist time I post a comment in your blog :3

  4. Thank you, thats so nice! Thank you for reading it! I'll keep posting more pictures!