Darcee's school of dance in St Joseph Missouri. I practically shit the first time we drove past this place-firstly because over the overload of bubblegum pink EVERYTHING!!! From signage to building accents and finally the inside which was painted entirely this shade with a bit of bright turquoise and black mixed in for good measure. The place was constantly filled with little blond girls in tacky recital outfits and the decor made me instantly crave milkshakes and poodle skirts.

But hold on a second, aside from all that, can we please address the huge pedophillic "Granddad's Dream" poster bolted to the back of the building???? Are the creepy old men kept in the back where no one will notice them? I mean really though, what is this? This is starting to feel like all the tacky jokes I make are coming to life. I mean, this banner sums everything up in such a twisted way I feel like I really have nothing to say about it at all. It's beautiful, that's all. It's all just beautiful.

Thank you Darcee. You may have shoo'ed me out of your studio by playing "Good Golly Miss Molly" really really loud until I couldn't talk to you any more, but a part of me will love you forever.