Making use of the endless supply of glitter sticker paper NYC has to offer, I took it upon myself to create an oversized sticker which was fun but it was tricky trying to find the right surface to stick it to. After unsuccessfully posting it onto a wall I had to re-adhere it to this metal uh...thing in between 2nd and 3rd in the lower east side. It's probably fallen off by now but it was a fun experiment.


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  1. Jemibook says:

    I love these! Do you draw the faces in after you stick the sticker on?

  2. Thanks! They are actually a 2 layer sticker. The first layer is the clear sticker part with the face and the second is the glitter hair. I guess this is a three layer with the bow added! I want to get some white paper for the faces so they show up well on more surfaces.