My birthday was on Sunday. When I was in Missouri last week I bought this giant cupcake mold and made myself a huge vegan chocolate birthday cupcake with frosting to match my hair! It turned out really lumpy because I'm terrible at frosting things... My birthday was fun, lots of good food and friends. Cassie did her ferret dance for me, Jerrick sang me a personalized song, and Sarah Galvin threw gummy rattle snakes all over my apartment! A lot of drunk people dedicated karaoke songs to me. Thanks everyone for helping me ring in a new year!


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  1. It sounds magical! Vegan frosting always turns wrong for me, too...

  2. Yeah, I should have just bought that hydrogenated stuff in the jar... Oh well...

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Stella!

  4. Kornese says:

    Where in Missouri are you from? I live in STL

  5. I'm not from Missouri but my boyfriend is. St Joseph to be exact. I'm gonna post my Missouri pictures soon so stay tuned.