Here I am with an old friend, Annie Goodin and a new friend, Gina Frey as we wandered around Brooklyn in the rain shopping for vintage and eating big greasy slices of pizza!

Remember when Gina conducted an interview with me back in September? I found her to be extremely inspiring, juggling classes, an internship, and a successful blog all at the ripe age of 17! All I was doing at 17 was dying my hair purple and dressing like a maniac! Clearly I've come a long way. :P
I think we should all be taking more cues from the adorable and gutsy Gina Frey!
Annie is one of my favorite artists. I've started a collection of her annual hand drawn Halloween holiday cards and her neon pop art painting of Nicole Ritchie eating a pile of dead annorexic girls off a plate is one of the best things I've ever seen ever. When you google her name the first thing that comes up is findagrave.com but instead of visiting that site you should be visiting her own here! I am head over heels over her bizarre doll paintings. Annie is gorgeous and another wonderful inspiration! 
Hooray for the brilliant ladies of NYC! Hopefully I'll be there one day with you!


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  1. Beej says:

    Wow, I *love* her paintings.. thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Oh yay! I'm glad I made you a fan!