Today is Thanksgiving and I've been busy cooking all day:
Cranberry orange bulgar stuffing
Kabocha miso stew
Hot pink roasted veggies (parsnips, turnips, red taro root, and beets)
Sesame tofu balls
Kale and seaweed salad with pumpkin seeds
Carrot onion hazelnut muffins
Gingered cranberry plum sauce
and a TOFURKEY!!!
I'm excited about my asian twist on the dinner this year. If I didn't like to cook I wouldn't celebrate the holiday but I think it's a great excuse to spend the entire day preparing seasonal dishes! It's also a great excuse to listen to Little Evas "Turkey Trot". The back up dancers are my favorite and it's my goal to learn that dance for next years Thanksgiving!
Condolences to all Turkeys today. Why kill when you can DANCE?