Missouri was filled with strip malls, road kill, guns, nature, and irony. It was sunny every day and all the trees were orange, yellow, and red, a beauty which was offset by the smell of the pig slaughterhouses near by. I saw cows, deer, buffalo, geese, and I got to hold a frog. Everyone had lots of cats and babies. We drove over train tracks through swampy trailer parks and we drove through gorgeous neighborhoods scattered with fallen leaves and enormous old brick houses. I found a chocolate fudge flavored condom dispenser in a bathroom. I got yelled at for trying to photograph an abandoned insane asylum. We bought lots of 25 cent 45's and a VHS featuring a killer poodle. Every time we entered a quiet parking lot, we found soiled underwear on the ground. I spent $40 on glittery things at Walmart and nobody looked us in the eye. 

I liked visiting Missouri and I had a lot of fun exploring it. Stay tuned for a few special Missouri adventure posts!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I really like this post. I really really really like the pictures of:
    you and the gun
    your man and EXTREME burrito
    and that lamp lady as she lay on the bed?


    x o Annie

  2. Beej says:

    The pictures told the whole story.. I remember when I drove through MO and stopped at a gas station to get something to eat, I heard a strange noise from across the street. A pig auction, auctioneer shirtless and in overalls. I get the irony in these pictures and I think they're fabulous. Quiet parking lot creepin'..

  3. Annie: The lamp lady was actually an ash tray made for Kyle's grandfather by one of his mistresses! He was giving us a flashlight tour of his house.
    Beej: Ha, I'm glad it wasn't warm enough for shirtless overall looks when I was there. Thats sad about the pig auction though. I would have bought one and taken it with me on the road trip!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Motherfuckin' Taco John's!

  5. I really want to meet Taco John. I think his Potato Ole's would have been better with a mexi-tastic dipping sauce!