New York was chilly. I bought rolls of glitter paper, violet mints, and a bubble gum pink rabbit fur jacket. We took walks in the park, got vegan New York pizza, and I visited the Lisa Perry boutique and bought a blue plastic bow ring. We saw The Pee Wee Herman show and I laughed until I cried! I spent nearly $50 on candy and didn't regret it one bit. Strawberry chocolate bars and rose flavored turkish delights! I sipped lots of Shirley Temples and visited Lena's trailer park in Brooklyn! I miss New York already...

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  1. Hello!
    I must say, I super love your blog (I added you on LJ, and not too soon after, you moved here!), and I have a question!
    I love the little pieces that you paint and post around the city.. Do you take commissions at all? I think they're so adorable, and would love to have one/some! :3
    Let me know if you have a minute!

    Love ya, and happy belated birthday!! :D

  2. Oh yay! Thanks lady! Yeah, sorry I up and moved but I think I like it here more!
    I've never taken a commission but I suppose i could try! You can email me at vanityqueen@gmail.com and we can figure things out. I make the little ones on glittery sticky paper or I also have the wheat pastes that I can do in any size. So glad you like them!