And the ultra hipster award goes to... me... for winding up on page 204 in the "urban coffee table book" Street Boners . This is a photograph left over from 2008 when I was vacationing in Manhattan. Look, I was carrying my heart shaped black bag even back then! Anyway, the caption reads:
"Dear Drag Queens,
We know you see this and think, "That looks fun. I'd like to try it," but here's the rub. You are a dude. Only cute young girls can do this. That's the whole point."
Helloooo? The only reason I dress the way I do is because of drag queens! Besides, I have waaay better looks for a drag queen to rip off than this vintage romper AP socks thing I'm beating the heat in here. After reading this over and over I still don't quite understand what "the whole point is", do you??

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  1. JPhenicie says:

    you know, i don't really understand the point either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hes simply joking around. I have this book and its quiet humorous. I love his sense of humor. He was actually complimenting YOU and saying that only cute girls (directed at you) could pull this look off. And that Drag Queens who try to pull it off just for fun wont work out. (thats only his opinion though)

  3. Josh: I'm glad I'm not on my own.

    Anonymous: Well durrr... :)
    I prefer the Vice Do's and Don'ts though when I'm in the mood for this guys humor. I considered buying this book since I'm in it but meh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I always love what you wear and you don't look like anybody else you have your unique style

  5. Aw thanks lady! Ha, the outfit I'm wearing here is really funny to me though. Vintage romper, lolita socks, and Kmart shoes.