Kevin Kauer of Nark Photo is having a print sale and up for grabs are six photos of yours truly! 
How about a photo of me flinging bloody tampons on a crowd? A photo of me lying on a bed of trash? Me dressed as cotton candy and peppermints? Spitting beer? Adjusting my pastie in the boys restroom? They can all be yours for a fraction of the original cost!
Seattle Gay Scene recommends it! 

Visit the Nark Print Sale and get yourself a present! Its ending Friday!
P.S. NARK is designing my NEW BLOG HEADER that I plan to reveal this week! Look out!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Beej says:

    You're totally my teen idol..

  2. Haha, I need a pull out poster!

  3. Love them. Need one. But how to choose?? xxx

  4. Get one of each, haha! <3