Hey Boys and Girls! My super awesome blog makeover has finally happened! How do you like it?? I'm still working on the side bar details and some of the links don't work yet but I think the whole thing is finished enough to show off! I drew up this background last night but you can't really see it in it's entirety so I've posted it above.
I am also smitten over these photos that Kevin Kauer of Nark snapped of me last week in his living room!

I'm wearing a hand made heart shaped hat with attached chin strap. I'm super pleased with my new layout and I hope it causes you to visit more often or at least scream real loud!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the new layout! So cute.

    xox Courtney Michele

  2. Beej says:

    Wow this new layout is INCREDIBLE. You did this? You are my role model ^-^

  3. Thanks Beej! And I couldn't have done it with you Nark!

  4. It's FABULOUS! I lovelovelove the pics - you look amazing. xxx

  5. Beej says:

    I just came back to gawk some more. I love the lipstick/crayon look, especially how it swirls onto your Courtney lips. Haha.

  6. I can only wish I had Courtney Love lips! <3
    I'm glad you all love it!!!

  7. haha, you mean you couldn't have done it withoutttt me, jeez ! <3

  8. Oh, ha! Sorry Kevin! I guess I was typing too fast!

  9. Madame G says:

    Love your new layout and your new pictures! Might have to copy tour eye make up for my party next weekend ;-)

  10. Laura says:

    the new banner is deadly!! :)


  11. It looks fantastic! Love those photos of you too. x

  12. Thanks girlies!
    Madame G I want to see pics! The trick is to draw on the lashes yourself.

  13. Maya says:

    well it's rather fitting that I've awarded you with this Stylish Blogger award! The idea is that you also reward 7 of other blogs you really like and then also share 7 facts about yourself =) Only if you want to!


    The lipstick writing is a really nice touch!

  14. Maya, thank you! I'll make the post this week!!