I'm starting out the New Year with over 100 followers on my blog! What a great surprise! Hello to everyone new and thank you to all my readers for your loyal snooping! 
Currently I am getting settled after moving into a new apartment and I have limited internet access which will change soon, but until then I'm on a bit of a blogging hiatus.
Aside from that I am super excited for this new year and where this blog is going to go. Currently I am studying millinery and in the months to follow will start producing some wild and rockin' vintage inspired hats in candy colors for you all to purchase!! A line of handmade gloves will follow and eventually all sorts of other things. I'm super excited about it and wish all my designs could come to life NOW but it's going to take a few stitches and a bit of time. Be patient!
Also, during the move I've ended up collecting a huge pile of clothing items that I'm planning on selling. Lots of vintage and other sweet finds. Stay tuned for an etsy shop full of it. Buying things from me will help me reach my goal of buying an SLR camera to better improve this blog and my coming clothing line!
And one more thing, if you haven't already, please check out the wonderful article on me at Pretty Much Penniless, a really lovely blog I recommend following (and many of you do)!
Till then! ♥

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  1. Helga! says:

    Mary jaysus and all the saints,how bloody fabulous!

  2. Hello, you fabulous girl! I adore your style and attitude. xxx

  3. Aw thank you for the linkage lovely! You'll have a fab 2011, I just know it! x

  4. Madame G says:

    Did I hear candy coloured hats?? I need a mint green hat - mint's my favourite pastel x

  5. analia says:

    just stumbled on this...you are super hot!!! love your fashun sense you can get away with anything. gaymen for you and your moxy

    I'm proud to be follower #109 baby!!!!!!!!!!



  6. Dear Stella Rose, how wonderful to have found your blog through Ellie. I'm loving your style too and your lilac hair xx

  7. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get my internet hooked up and start blogging like a maniac for all of you!!!

  8. Le Jardin says:

    yur awesome and i loved the feature of you.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  9. I cant wait!!! You should sell some at Moksha!!

  10. Rose- Cool, maybe I will!