Here I am with my friend Marion on my last night with lilac hair (at least for a while!). It looks like a complete mess! That's when you know you need a hair change...
Anyway, this has nothing to do with the point of this post. I was browsing my blog roll and came across a lovely ladies post about her discontent with sloppily dressed folks (more specifically, the amount of them she witnessed that day at her local grocery store).
Anyway, a slew of comments followed, many of which seemed more mean spirited than productive to a discussion (but hey it's the internet. need I mention most of the rudest ones were "anonymous"?). Many of the opposing opinions included questions about why she would dare to judge the way people look being that she is so different looking herself.
I was really surprised by it all. The blog after all is her own personal fashion blog and surely she is entitled to her own opinions in her own home, so to speak.
I was bothered though by the idea that, as a differently dressed and therefore presumably judged individual, she should not be allowed to pass her own judgement on others fashion sense.
In my experience, the reason I choose to dress differently is based almost entirely on the fact that I dislike so many forms of dress! For every pair of blue jeans, for every heather grey hoodie, for every baseball cap I see (okay except for the sequined ones ;)) I put on another hairpiece, another vintage ring, or another handmade accessory. 
I think as fashion conscious people we each qualify as worthy fashion critics. Without strong opinions on fashion (and sometimes negative ones) our personal style will never grow to its full potential.
A good personal fashion blog should certainly include critique along with countless inspiration and ideas. I know even the small amount of followers I have come from all walks of life and have all different opinions on style and I just want to encourage everybody to keep expressing yourself in your own space and to also respect others personal (and sometimes extreme) opinions on style because it makes us each who we are!


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  1. I love your hair!

    Overall I think people put too much importance on clothing. Do I love old dresses and rhinestones? Fuck yes! But underneath it all we all just look awkward and naked, so I try to not give too much importance to what the people around me are wearing. Plus, it makes us fashion freaks look even better haha

  2. Eda says:

    damn lovely hair!

    this is good posting!
    yeah i really agree about that.
    everybody should understand and respect each other's style.
    that's what we always need. but some people are doesn't. what a annoying:(


  3. Agree Agree Agree

    What I wear, how I dress, how I present to the world is important to me and helps me feel that I am living authentically. However, it's not WHO I am and I couldn't care less what anyone else wears. As with any other form of expression such as music, tattoos or even hair colour, what we present to the world is just one part of how we express ourselves, not who we are.

    When commenting on other blogs, I try to remember what my mother told me and if I cannot think of anything nice to say, I shut the fuck up.

    Grest post, thanks Stella Rose. And I also love your lilac hair.

    Sarah xxx

  4. Yes I was surprised by the negative comments on Solannah's post too. People are way too quick to be offended sometimes.

  5. xxx says:

    I love your pink hair<3 just gorgeous!

  6. Being one of those stylish folk myself, I never follow Fashion, which I believe to be for those people that have no style of their own. For us that like Color, I get the "Oh, you must be shallow and vain" criticism as well, because how I appear is definitely part of me as a whole, which is that I am Art. A lot of people don't get this and so they are content to dress boringly and badly looking like everyone else that has no clue that the outside reflects the inside.

  7. Sabina says:

    I saw that on her blog too! Personally I don't like it when people wear pajamas outside, but at the same time they're soo commmfy... :D I love most types of dress but I dress the way I do because it makes me feel like an individual who doesn't take anybody's shit. Fuck yeah! And most of the time, I get compliments. :D

    PS: I love your hair, your style, your dramatically lovely makeup.

  8. Tami-Haha, that's a good way of looking at it!
    I guess the reason I put emphasis on what people around me wear is because it gives me a better idea of who they are. It's an important part of their personality. Sometimes I dislike their personality though and in ways that is also reflected in how they style themselves.
    Eda-Thanks! Yeah, I mean, I have snotty opinions on what people are wearing here and there but they are just to muse myself and I have no place letting them know about it! Criticizing is good but making individuals feel bad is not.
    Misfits- I always use "my mother"s advice as well. Unless it's a personal attack, everyone is entitled their own opinion. I think you have well rounded principals when it comes to styling yourself. In a way I do consider the way one dresses to be a part of who they are or a reflection.
    Penny Dreadful-Yeah, I felt terrible for her. I didn't even comment because I didn't want to add to the drama.
    XXX-Thanks lady!
    Purple Mark-I totally agree! I have been following fashion more than ever lately as I delve into fashion design. I like trying to understand different ways of dressing and have gained more respect for styles I've dismissed. I've been playing with trends lately just for ideas. I'm trying to treat them more as dressing for a theme party. How would I use stripes? How would I wear cat eye glasses. You are so unique though you cold write your own book on how to dress and there would be a complete fashion revolution!
    Sabina-Thank you! Yes, people don't realize how many compliments one gets if they put themselves out there a little!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think though, that the concept of critique carries, or ought to carry, the implication that the other party is opening oneself to criticism by putting on a performance. If people run out to get a necessity like groceries in sloppy clothes, they are just trying to live their lives, not put on a performance for others. Anyone who presumes to critique the attire of people who just wanted to pick up some groceries for not putting on the proper performance to please them is out of line.

  10. Anonymous-But as a fashion conscious person I find myself analyzing and critiquing all forms of dress, no matter what the scenario. Putting on a performance is one way of looking at it but there are few things I consider to be "out of line" and that certainly was not one of them. She never named names or said anything rude to an individual. It was simply an anonymous critique.
    But speaking of anonymous critiques, you are making a point of a part of my post by remaining anonymous. You can show your face here, I respect your opinion even if I may disagree. :)