The Stylish Blogger Award has been spreading faster than the flu this winter and now it looks as though I've caught it too! I received it from the lovely Maya at NovelGlobe and now I have to share seven things about myself. Lets see if I can think of seven things worth sharing...

1. I have a cat. Her name is The Angry Inch. She does a lot of stupidly cute things and she is also one of the most obnoxious cats I've ever met. Right now her favorite hobby is meowing at the corner near the front door. I think there is a ghost inside it.

2. I lived in Amsterdam for a year when I was 13. I spent the entire time being awkward because I was 13. If you weren't awkward when you were 13 then I don't like you and we probably shouldn't be friends.
Even though I've traveled to Europe several times I am still amazed at how much traffic I get from other countries around the world. They are all far more interesting than Seattle, Washington. 
When I lived in Amsterdam the date on my apartment building was 1826 and that was a NEWER building. In Seattle I am surrounded by hideous condos that were built just last year. There is barely any character left in this city. I envy every overseas follower I get!

3. As many of you know, I sew. I still have a lot to learn but I've gotten along alright for what it's worth. I made my first dress when I was 17 out of a Twister mat. It was terribly made and everything was crooked but it made me really popular in high school for a couple of weeks.

4. I've been vegan for 81/2 years. I wanted to cut off my own direct support of factory farming. The health benefits were an added bonus. I learned to cook years later and now cook almost all my own meals. Though, living in a city it is a very easy diet to follow whether you cook or not. I think it is one of the smartest and easiest things you can do for the planet and yourself in the world today. I also support wearing USED leather and fur products and I do not agree with buying these items new. If you are a fan of leather as a material (I am) you will be happy to know that I plan on using salvaged leather on hats and other items I am designing. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

5. I like disgusting things. I frequent gore blogs, I have a friend who's drag persona involves packing her ass with brownie batter and then eating finger-fulls of it all night, and I used to be in an all girl G.G. Allin cover band called Teenage Twats. My favorite John Waters film is Female Trouble, and one of the craziest parties I've ever attended was nazi underwear themed. There were 15 people there.

6. I own Klaus Nomi's hair dryer. No seriously.

7. Uhhhh. I don't know what else to share. Today I am making the mock-up for a dress I hope to start manufacturing. Mod. Stripes. Vintage fabric. Punk elements. That's all you get for now. I also finished the prototype for my hat today and I will share it with you before the end of the week! I am so happy about it!

Till next time!


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  1. I adore the Twister dress. And I'm a reader from London, though I grew up in Australia - so I know what you mean about appreciating old buildings!

  2. That Twister dress is amazing.
    I'm with you on the leather thing. I'm a veggie of nearly forty years and only buy other folk's cast-offs. I've got an old jacket crying out for a revamp. x

  3. Madame G says:

    You own Klaus Nomi's hairdryer??!! That's a brilliant fact!
    I guess you always want what you can't have. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and I went to one of the oldest Uni's in the country - it was established in the 15th century and I work onboard a 19th century sailing ship, BUT, I wanna live in Seattle! Your waterfront sculpture park looks amazing.

    L x

  4. Maya says:

    You are amazing! Full. Stop. :-)

    lol that is pretty disgusting but I would laugh if I saw someone hauling out brown stuff from their bottom and ate it.

    The twister dress must be so crinkl and funny to sit on, cool idea!

  5. Penny- I wish I lived in London. The weather is about the same but the scenery is probably much nicer!
    Vintage Vixen- I'm glad you agree!
    Madame G-I would love to visit Scotland. Ironically, I still haven't made it down to the Sculpture Garden!! I'll switch you places for a week!
    Maya-Thanks again! Yeah, the dress takes up a bit of space in any case, haha.