With Valentines Day less than 24 hours away, tis the season for another look at the Sweetheart Brimmed Winter Hat prototype. Are you in love yet?

This was the flat pattern prototype for the hat featuring a hand built wired buckram frame, padding, a wool covering and black piping with satin ribbon details. As you can see in the close up, my cat has left her mark on it...
The real hats will feature a slightly deeper crown and will be constructed from wool felt with a grosgrain inner band and either a grosgrain or satin ribbon detail (I can't decide which yet).
They will not be edged in piping. I'm not sure if they will be edged with anything yet!
I love wool hats and am excited to begin making them but because I am vegan I want to find a certified cruelty free source of the supplies I need. I'll be researching how to make that possible in the next few weeks so we all can enjoy beautiful warm wool felt hats without hurting sheep!
Lets hope I can turn out a few of these before winter ends!


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! <3 it like crazy!!!!!!

  2. Would it be a pain to make the ribbon detachable so we had the option of weither grossgrain or satin?

    And I can't wait to buy one!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Lisa says:


  4. Kornese says:

    That hat is awesome. Can't wait to see what others you create.

    On another note, I'm wondering what brand those heart shoes are. the ones that you wore in your banner you had before. I am watching Oprah right now and Roseanne Barr is on. I think she is wearing those shoes.

  5. Misfits- I'm not sure! I've done detachable veiling before. I feel like the attachments may add bulk to the ribbon aka snaps underneath, etc. Unless you can think of another way.
    Kornese- They are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa in the Anglomania collection. They are a variation of the Lady Dragon shoes. Pat Field has them but I found mine on Ebay. The price isn't too bad and they come in every color!