Here is a cute earring design I'm working on right now! Sparkle heart hoop earrings!

Hand doodled and laquered onto vintage metal hoop earrings. I'm in the process of creating a couple limited edition styles for the teeny opening of my web shop in less than a month. I'm so excited but there is a ton of work to do and I'll probably only finish about half of it before I open it to the public. Oh well...
These earrings will be available in all different colors! I have one pair of hospital mint green that I almost want to keep for myself!


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  1. girl, your blog is absolutely fantastic! i love all the extravagant glamour and fashion flamoyance. that neon green turban you made (plus the one you are wearing in this post) are SO yummy! i hope this isn't an offensive question (it's no way meant to be) but are you really a drag queen? because if you are, you do it amazingly well!


  2. Thanks lady! You are too sweet!
    I am a "female drag queen" which means I dress up n drag/an exaggeration of my gender and perform.
    However, I casually call myself a full time female drag queen because I am always "done", never seen without makeup, don't own a pair of jeans, etc! I identify with femininity from more of a drag point of view than that of a real woman even though I am one. Though some people get confused and assume I am a tranny and that's just fine as well, haha.

  3. Love the earings they're so cute!
    You're so pretty :)


  4. Thanks Lady! I'm glad you like them!