Modeling for the Le Look web shop is always a magical experience. I just love the way the studio has been decorated. Each room a different candy color and a dress (or 5) hanging every where you look. While waiting for Rheal to set up I decided to take some photos to share with you.

Night club lighting, a checkered kitchen floor, liquorice tea in character mugs. Rheal's studio in a technicolor dream land. I hope he brings some of the magic with him on his move to San Francisco next month.

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  1. Oh I love the webstore ^^ If I had an ebay account, I would definitely exploit it haha

    Man can't wait to be 18. I'll get my credit card and my paypal and ebay and .. well, i'll be online shopping fer real :D

    You're so pretty (:


    p.s. How tall are you? Do models all have to be over 5 ft. 8? That's so.. tall..

  2. You're so pretty! The photoshoot looks fun!


  3. Mimi-Ha! You'll be a power shopper!
    I'm 5'9" I think. I'm never sure but two people recently have decided that was my height so I'll take their word for it. Though I'm not a professional model so I could be 3 feet and it wouldn't matter, haha.
    Rosalinda-Thank you, you are sweet!