A few more pics of what I wore to the Valenines Hop at Moksha...

My hat looks so lumpy in these! Oh well, that's why it's a prototype! I can't wait to create the real ones from felt!
Photos by Keith Johnson

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  1. Caroline says:

    Stella Rose, I am pretty sure you are the coolest girl on the internet. For real!

    P.S. I've never commented on your blog before but I plan to stalk the shit out of it from now on. HOPE THAT'S COOL

  2. Great outfit!! You lok super awesome! :D


  3. Eda says:

    That hat is so lovely!


  4. Caroline, you are lovely, thank you! And yes, stalk away, haha.
    Thanks girlies!

  5. Fiona, I just checked out your stuff. You're hats are amazing! I can't wait until I am an accomplished milliner like you! I'm just starting out.