Here is a closer look at the I hats created for Worn Out via some backstage shots! Our little dressing room was packed as Ade got her hair done, Dance Belt and I fussed with the makeup that was put on us, and The Atomic Bombshells snuck in from down the hall to try all my turbans on! Haha, the backstage experience is always chaotic!

A hat for everyone! I had sewn fresh flowers to my heart hat and we had to keep it in the fridge to stop them from wilting. Nono Ono's Nefertiti hat was a collaborative effort between me and Mark a few months back. I believe I started it and Mark finished it!
What I want to know is, who's craving a leather turban? I made mine the other day and I can't stop wearing it!


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  1. artStar says:

    Girl. I shoulda done had a leather turban!

  2. You can still have one! Dog gone it!

  3. CaseyCass says:

    I sent my mom the link to your blog post after Snackhole and I got a text that read, "Your friend Stella seems positive & motivated!" Ain't that the truth! <3

  4. Stella, if I asked you to make me one of those little heart pillbox hats for my wedding day how much would you charge? Because I'm quite head over heels in love with it!

  5. Oh and Casey, your mom is adorable!