Part of learning a new craft is taking inspiration from the people around you. Sure I can go online and look up Phillip Treacy hats all day long but I am lucky to live only blocks from a very talented milliner in my age bracket! Megan Bishop sells gorgeous and detailed hats under the label Apatico. Her designs are a fanciful array of tricorns, top hats, pill boxes, and fascinators ranging from gothic to sweet to classic vintage. Feathers, rhinestones, ribbons, and now hand made silk flowers adorn each creation in abundance.
I took a trip to her studio to gain some wisdom and gaze upon buckets and bowls of trimming and shelves of fabulous head wear!

Her handmade silk flowers are so gorgeous! She has special irons to shape the hand cut petals. I love all the pieces laid out on her work space. I am also in love with all these peppermint fascinators! Of course, browsing her site I find many more dreamy pieces including heart shaped pill boxes, a hat with a ship on the top, and an exquisite tea cup hat!
I had so much fun digging trough her large collection of vintage hats she keeps carefully tucked away in retro suitcases. The fuchsia feather one I'm wearing above is just like my turquoise one at home. I found another like it in local burlesque star Miss Indigo Blues costume closet recently. I absolutely adore them.
I highly recommend purchasing from Apatico . You will be getting a one of a kind handmade hand stitched hat that will last a life time and will always stop traffic! Start saving your pennies ladies! We could all use more bows, feathers, and fanciness!


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