Hair dye, velvet dye... My tub is stained so many colors at this point I've lost track. I've been stitching away at a rainbow of velvet turbans! I just bought 3 colors of pastel dyes to use on the next batch-bubble gum pink, lilac, and robins egg blue! trying to get back into the swing of things. Cooking and going out and seeing friends in the evenings after spending the day at home or at work stretching frames and draping fabric. Getting all sorts of new ideas for hats all the time. I'm dreaming up an editorial shoot with the new batch of turbans and I can't wait to pull it together! Be patient! Velvet turbans are on their way!

1. Purple fabric dye going down the drain  2. Disco lights  3. Records at a swap meet  4&5. Aftermath of greasy midnight mexican food  6. Pastel blue hair dye  7. Toys and candy at The Eagle  8. A fresh batch of homemade vegetable stock  9. Rainbow dye stain  10. Gummy bear chandelier!!!  11. A note left on the table at The Bus Stop  12. Turbans taking effect  13. Kevin and Angel's birthday cake.  14. Me and Sarah Galvin.