I wove myself a silvery blue milkmaid braid the other night on my way out to Kevin and Angels birthday party. I liked the style but didn't quite know what to do with the loose end on the other side so I stuck a bow on it. Sticking bows on things will solve more problems than you know. I know you are actually supposed to weave a continuous braid from one side to the other but clearly I am not that skilled...

Ladies, braids are in this summer! Clip in your extensions and start practicing!
I hope everybody is having a wonderful Easter by gorging on chocolate, jelly beans, and mimosas in your fluffiest dresses! I slept in but you bet thats all I'm doing today. XO


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  1. B-Rock says:

    Oh, you're always cute with bow or not.

    Like the hair color :)

  2. You should do a little skit called "Put a bow on it"....and post it on you-tube. It would be a cute way to market those darling earrings you make!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG Stella why r u so adorable?
    this color looks really fetching on u too, and yes i just made the word fetch happen, i went beyond what the mean girls didn't allow to happen in the movie, im a dork lol

  4. Thanks Brock! I like it too.
    Damselblackheart- Thats an awesome idea. If I do it I'll credit you at the end. :)
    Bridgett-Thank you! I enjoy the word fetching.

  5. Bows and safety pins are a solution to every problem! ^^
    I never wear braids, I wonder why, I should start to. :3

  6. Haha, it's true. Haru, you have perfect hair for a long braid!