Does anyone remember who their first style icons were? They may have been pop stars or even cartoon characters. I must say I had an advantage. My first style icon was, without a doubt my Mom-Maxine Saint Clair. 
Before I was born, my Mom was living in a rooming house in the Lower East Side making her living painting portraits. She spent her evenings reveling in the Manhattan club scene with a slew of glamorous, wild, and sometimes very famous East Village artists. She had also spent time working for a small makeup company called Paint who released some of the first wildly colored cosmetics (yellow eye shadow anyone?).
You can't even imagine the stories my Mom has about New York in the early eighties and I hope one day she puts them all into a book, but for now I would love to share with you her wonderful photographs. 
My Moms style was one part pure 80s glamour, one part punk rock, and all with just a little bit of retro sensibility. Marvel at her wonderful hats, over size earrings, and subtle sense of humor. I'm sure you'll recognize many of the accessories, I've inherited more than I can count!

With a friend's daughter in her hand painted apartment in her Grandmothers vintage gloves.

With hairstylist friend Dan Easton and another partygoer on New Years eve in a handmade gown.

In a dress she still owns and a hat I wish she still owned looking wildly chic on a sunny day.

In a vintage hat and custom earring by Stewart Lucas NYC. I love how she's paired down the glamourous accessories with a crisp loose fitting blouse.

With a mystery friend and, you guessed it, Klaus Nomi in a gorgeous green vintage party dress. You can see her paintings hanging on the wall behind.

With friends Hank Payne and Valentina Chiara on the Fourth of July. Tina is Lady Liberty and my Mom is a very pregnant torch. Hanks pants are out of control.

Looking very punked out in red eyeshadow, a yellow hair scarf, and a denim jacket with a seemingly unimpressed friend in a compromising position.

I've always loved this one taken in upstair neighbor, (infamous East Village poet)Edgar Oliver's apartment. The stenciled tie dyed shirt over the bike shorts with the giant hoop earrings and teased hair screams "summer in the city". 1984 ready for anything!

Statement brows and leopard for days!

My Mom has since retired her glamorous style and I hope that one day it returns. Until then I hope to carry on her style legacy. Big earrings, bold nails, bright colors, and a lipstick for every occasion! I hope you can all take some style tips from my Mother. I know I have.
I'm taking my mom to see Bill Cunningham New York tonight. How fitting. What are you doing for Mothers day?


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  1. Wow, your mom is awesome! ;)

  2. Amazing seems to run in the family.. What a mom!! So awesome, I would love to read her book if she ever came out with one :D

    I'm going to a family party for Mother's Day♥

  3. OMG, your mom is uh-mazing!! You are so lucky!

  4. Angel says:

    Your mom is BALLER! Wow <3 Her style was fantastic~ You've inherited the style gene for sure!


    Happy Mothers day!

  5. Brand1887 says:

    80s fashion perfectly personified on your mother. She looks like a real rockin' kind of gal.

    As for me, not celebrating the mother's day thing, but thanks for telling us about yours.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Traci says:

    Wow! What a wonderful legacy to have.

  7. This is wonderful! what a great mom's day gift! and I must say resemblance is amazing! XO

  8. Anonymous says:

    holy wow!

  9. Heaven says:

    This is exactly how I would imagine your mother. So glam! Love that leopard!

  10. Thanks everyone! I read her all your nice comments and she was very flattered! I hope you all had a lovely day!

  11. Aww, I love your mom's style, she's so charming! *.*

  12. Your moms style is so cool!! It must be a blast raiding her closet.

  13. Bix says:

    She always had the best style, even in our very stylish crowd. Please send her my love.

    Bix (Barbara) Jordan

  14. LITNP-I've raided so much of it, haha!
    Bix-I'll surely send it!

  15. What a cool mom. That's awesome that she knew Klaus Nomi!

  16. Yeah, they were really good friends.