Dug up a few more snaps of "The Mermaid Braid" thanks one of my favorite local photographers, Keith Johnson. These were all taken at The Eagle during Kevin and Angels birthday party about a month back. Please enjoy my prized rain bow stars unitard (yes, it's a unitard) and bi colored wrap braid.

Above are my good friend's Sarah Galvin and Amoania who was stepping it up with a voodoo look on the dance floor! Amoania is Seattle's resident drag queen DJ and you can find her doing just that at the Eagle tonight for Fringe.
You should also all read Sarah Galvins er...free food review blog here.
I have great news! I found the velvet I've been searching for! This means I can continue on with my plans, creating the rest of the colors and finally doing my first turban editorial shoot. Hard work ahead! XO

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  1. Ignore that rustling in your closet. I'm just in there stealing your clothes.

  2. Hahaha, precisely the reason I want to start my fashion line!