The end of April is always a busy time. Birthday parties happen every other day and the slightly sunny weather brings everyone out. I've been popping up at bars and venues in the evenings here and there though it's nothing like it used to be where I would be out more often than not in a crazy drag costume. If any of you followed my old Live Journal, you may remember that time fondly. Sometime soon I'd like to do a post featuring some of my own personal favorite club looks. Is that something you would want to see?
Here are some photos of the sometimes ridiculous places I've been in the last couple weeks...

Right now I am on a hunt for the perfect velvet for my turbans. The fabric store I bought the previous velvet from stopped carrying it and isn't completely sure what brand it was. Very lame. I'm now looking for a cream or white plush velvet with a high rayon content and a medium pile. Keeping quality in mind. I hope to solve this problem within the week so wish me luck! 
1. Looking gothy in my vintage sheer ruffle blouse and string bow tie  2. Inside new club "F.R.E.D. Wildlife Sanctuary" on Capitol Hill  3&4. Manicures in the park  5. Homemade googly eyed peanut butter cups  6. Peewee Herman inside the mysterious Curban Hotel  7. A storefront in China Town that reminded me of NYC  8. Rheal getting dolled up  9. The mildly threatening craft table at my friends house  10. Sarah Galvin's birthday explosion all over the ground  11. Me in Cal Anderson Park yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Bri says:

    i know i'd personally love to see a recap of your favorite club/drag outfits!

  2. Ha, well that makes one of you! Well, I'll do it anyway sometime very soon!

  3. Dr. Preta says:

    Our entire staff is in love with you.

  4. Traci says:

    So far all of your pictures are SO visually stimulating. Colorful and full of art. I'd love to see a your parade of club outfits.

  5. Thanks Traci! I'll make one soon. My photo site is on the fritz to suddenly everything is horribly disorganized but I will make one eventually!

  6. Oh and also, thanks Dr Preta! So flattered!

  7. Vivian says:

    I love your hair colour, what dye do you use?

  8. Thanks Vivian. I mix temporary black with blue dye and then dilute it with conditioner!

  9. Thank you :) I really love white, silver or pastel hair (especially lavender or lilac), I think about dying mine that way, but my hair is dark brown at the moment, so it would be a bit difficult, all that bleaching.. lol

  10. Mine is dirty blonde naturally but my hair was dyed black when I decided I wanted to go white blonde several years ago. It took lots of bleaching spaced out over a few months. It's been light ever since though.

  11. Danger says:

    loved your style *-*