Finding this image on Tumblr inspired me to remove the flip out lenses from my white mouse ear glasses. Does anyone know what fashion show that image is from?
At any rate, I'm sorry for the week long hiatus. Since finding out my photo hosting site was going under, I've been spending many very long boring hours redoing every html link on this blog so I don't lose all my images. I would rather have been spending those long boring hours blogging! Oh well... I'm still at a stand still in my neon and pastel velvet turban production. I am in disbelief about how difficult it is to find a quality natural fiber velvet in white. While I continue the hunt I am beginning production on the velvet turban's tougher sister- the leather turban. Same design but created from salvaged black leather. More on these very very soon. One is going up in a window display here in Seattle today! So excited!
I'm also considering adding a cooking element to this blog. The second most important thing to me besides fashion is food, and cooking and general foodie know how comes into my life on a daily basis. I think I would like to start sharing some of my simple secrets and skills with you! How bout it? 
Regular blogging starts...now! XO


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  1. Ra: says:

    you did well with these glasses, very chic now :D

  2. Thanks! Now if only I could get rid of the screw notches...

  3. Sophie says:

    Love the mickey shirt!

  4. Thanks! It was the only thing I liked at the new 3 story Forever 21 here.

  5. Jemibook says:

    I would love to read food stuff by you. I love your blog so much as is!

  6. caroline says:

    YES POST ABOUT FOOD! I'm out of good recipes and vegan blogs often leave me kinda cold; sometimes I just don't want to cook various stacks of unidentifiable cubes in varying shades of tan. I have faith that you will not disappoint.

  7. Sweet! I am getting ons of food ideas. I'll post recipes here and there but also many kitchen basics that most of my friends often don't consider- must have kitchen tools and ingredients, proper and clever storage, breaking down general recipes into never fail ideas, etc etc. I will also point you kids in the direction of some top quality vegan blogs. I agree most of them really really suck.