On Sunday two of my hats went up in the window at Redlight, one of Seattle's leading vintage stores! This is my first time being included in a window display but I know it wont be my last!  

The display features my prototype heart hat be patient! There will be a non buckram version of this in the coming months!) and also one of my spiked leather turbans. This will give you an idea of what the leather turbans will look like as the ones I've made prior were slightly different  in terms of draping and studding. The leather version will be exactly like the velvet but with 2 sizes of spikes. Leather is salvaged meaning the look and feel may vary ever so slightly with each. 
This turban is for sale and you may inquire within Redlight if you are interested! This one is made of a rougher leather giving it a tough look and vintage appeal.
I am currently working on a stock of the leather variety to add to my web shop! I am also taking special orders for these if you cannot wait to get your hands on one. You may email me using the mail links on the sidebar for more info.
If you live in Seattle, make sure you check out the window in person on your next broadway excursion.
Window display by Marion aka Bezerker 

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  1. Congratulations! They look great! x