I've been getting so many complements on my pastel yellow nails I thought I'd share them with you! The slightly unconventional color is a pitch perfect match with the new yellow velvet turban, don't you think?

I only have two more sample turbans to make before I'll be ready to shoot the editorial and release them! It's only been a few months but I've been waiting too long! My velvet problems have been solved and I am proud to announce that these turbans are and will continue to be produced in the finest draping velvet available.
I got my nail polish at Sephora but it's by up and coming makeup brand Illamasqua which I am becoming more and more intrigued by. Has anyone else tried their products?
Like my earrings? There are still some left HERE .

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  1. The yellow pastel is gorgeous!


  2. KZ says:

    That's a really striking colour, looks pretty awesome. And the brand has "llama" in its name, so it MUST be pretty cool XD

  3. Ruthy says:

    I have 13 of their nail polishes and have been to a class at their London headquarters no less. Glad you like it!
    I have a bright yellow called Wayward from them. It's gorgeous!
    I want to try Gamma (even though I already have another orange called Insanity)

  4. AAAAAhhhh why havn't i discovered your blog before????? really enjoying it very very very very much. indeed


  5. I like that color on you, goes great with your pastel hair! I so adore your hair <3

  6. Thanks everyone! I love it too!
    KZ-Well said.
    Ruthy-Ooh, the class sounds fun!
    Fashion Turd-I just followed you back. I am extremely impressed with your personal style!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Might even love the yellow turban more than the leather... and I'm pretty obsessed with the leather... EEP!

  8. Wait till you see the other colors!

  9. Madame G says:

    Love the pastel yellow nails but I really gotta have that turban!

  10. I've got some for sale! And they'll be up online within the month.