Here I am in 1986 with my Dad sporting a mullet with some awesome electric orange dreadlocks! I'm looking a bit on the bald side. Hey Dad, spare some extensions?
My Dad definitely has a quirky sense of style which has been on display through many a New York gig with many a New York band. I still have the skull printed scarf and rhinestoned bone necklace he gave me as a child!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad! And to all of you as well!

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  1. 10ftnurse says:

    Thank you darling daughter! I was wondering where I put those things!

  2. Traci says:

    Great tribute to your dad. You really have some cool parents. I'm sure they are very proud of you.

  3. Dad-I hope you still own them!
    Traci-Thank you! They are pretty cool, aren't they?