Here I am a couple weeks ago on display as "art" at the Seattle Art Walk in a vintage feather hat and an It's Mark Mitchell tulle stole worn as a collar. Now you can see why my blue eyebrows were so important!
I've been sick with the most horrible head cold all week and now I've lost my voice because of it!  Luckily, I don't need my voice to blog...
Anyway, what with being sick I've had lots of time to think about things and have made a few decisions.

1. I know I said I was going to begin blogging about food on here but instead I've decided to start a whole new blog on the side, dedicated to all things food! It's called Fooding. It's just a little hobby but hope you all take the time to check it out and read my mission statement in the "about" section. 
I guess I'm feeling that this blog can become a bit cluttered sometimes with the variety of projects I always seem to have a hand in. Separating the cooking from everything else makes more sense to me in the long run.

2. It seems like it's taking me about a million years to launch my fashion label/hats but often the first few steps of a project are always the hardest. As I move closer to reaching my design and business goals, I would like to turn the prime focus of this blog more towards my own brand. Eventually, this blog will become part of my own site where my webshop is also featured. 
Now, having said all of that, chances are the contents of this blog really wont change much and I will still be posting all the outfit snaps, drag looks, inspirations, and creations that you all enjoy! 
I guess I just wanted to put this out there because I am always trying to think of ways to improve a, sometimes, already good thing! Especially now that I am quickly approaching a whopping 300 readers!
What do you all think?
Photo by Kook Teflon


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that you are venturing out and doing more things; I am also glad that this blog wont be changing much. Your food blog is also great and has opened my eyes to the possibility that vegan food isn't all that bad nor is eating healthy (something I REALLY need to start doing). Good luck in all that you do!

  2. When I started this comment, I realised I don't know what exactly I wanted to write but I just wanted to express that I love your blog, you're a big inspiration and I'm looking forward to your future post. (So I'm glad you won't be changing this place much.) ^^ ♥

  3. good decision...you gained readers by your outfit, drag, and inspiration posts, so its best to make them stay by not changing content, and as always a food blog is FUN and most of us will probably pop over there anyways =-)

  4. Maya says:

    I'm very interested in finding tasty vegan recipes =)

    Great idea on the mega ruff, it's surreal!