1. Reference drawings I did for the stylists.  2. William teasing Amoania's hair.  3. The giant bouquet I built from thrifted fake flowers and chicken wire.  4. Me in a little painted area we found near my apartment.  5. Frank directing Amoania in an abandoned garage.  6. The ever gorgeous Corina Bakker.  7. Amoania in the darkness.  8. Dress up station on the ground!  9. Me being a weirdo with a strangers car.  10. Frank Correa styles a leather turban.

Fun with a disposable camera during the turban shoot. This was us running through alleys after dark, getting naked, and finding colorful walls and strange corners to shoot in. This is just a little preview. Can't wait to see the real photos courtesy of the talented Frank Correa! I'm meeting with him today to look them over. They'll be up soon!


5 Responses so far.

  1. I covet that bodysuit, and your ability to pull it off. Love!

  2. Hot dog! I love your jumpsuit & your chicken wire thrifted flowers - how very crafty!

  3. I loooove the turbans!!! they look great with the curly hair and star jumpsuit!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! Working on the final photos right now!