A friend of mine who works in a perfume shop gifted me with a handful of these beautifully wrapped Bond No. 9 perfume samples after I mistook them for gourmet candies.
Each one is named after a different famous NYC location or happening. I brought home Chelsea Flowers, Madison Soiree, and a Warhol theme scent. I almost didn't want to open them they were so pretty! They smell just like my fantasy life in New York! While I save up my money for the big move, these will fuel my dreams.
If you visit the Bond website you can view all the city theme scents! I'm dying to know what "Coney Island" smells like because it's my favorite place in the whole world! Which one would you wear?


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  1. hope505 says:

    *heehee! I totally would've thought candy! too! They look like sweetarts or smartees...but what a cute way to market a little perfume sampler!

    let's see...I'd have to choose Harrod's Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal ~ Wheeee!~ because I love to shop and you know I'd be hitting up Harrod's.

  2. Helen says:

    They are the sweetest things ever, what an excellent idea

  3. I haven't smelled the Harrods scent yet! I'll have to find it!

  4. I love your blog!

    Coney Island is such a great scent! Weird that I put it on this morning and then ran across this blog post of yours! I like New Haarlem too!

  5. Finally acquired the Coney Island sample. I'll have to look for New Haarlem!