A couple shots of my look last night before heading off to Fringe to party with Ongina from Season 1 of Drag Race. I was feeling very "Midwest Diner" and several people told me I should have brought a stack of waffles with me. In reality, I should ALWAYS bring a stack of waffles with me.
Anyway, I certainly didn't need my big hair hat on this night. My hair was plenty large enough! More photos coming soon! I hope your Sunday afternoon is less rainy than mine.


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  1. Vivian says:

    Haa it's awesome how you look innocent with light make-up and how you completely change your face with make-up!! By the way, how the heck do you cover your eyebrows so well? XD You're too good at makeup girl!

  2. That's the power of drag!
    Everyone seems to have a different method for brow covering. Mine is flesh toned "scar and effect wax" to smooth the surface. Then I apply "clown white" cream paint to counteract the darkness of my brows and finally a greasepant flesh toned makeup to blend them into my face. The real trick though, is that the bold stark lines I use in my makeup distract from the awkward coverage of my brows. You want people to immediately be drawn to your eyes and brows rather than your cover up. Glitter also helps conceal the sloppy wax texture. Maybe I'll do a series of female drag tutorials on here one day...

  3. romwe says:

    Oh wow that is a seriously stunning outfit! I LOVE how you have layered the tights and that coat is just perfect! really love your vintage style. and i enjoy reading your posts as well. Your fashion sense is very inspiring. :)

  4. Beej says:

    First off I wish I could see the outfit! From what I can tell it looks a little starchy :p Bitchy waitress humor? Second I always marvel at your makeup and the ability you have to transform your face and I know you're busy with your (gorgeous) turbans! and earrings! and business! and personal life.. even if you just put the cam on yourself once while doing your makeup. Let's just say I'd be DEVOUT. PS I'm thinking about going to clown school.. did you ever consider that at any point?

  5. Beej, I was wondering where you've been!
    One day I'll do a drag tutorial... I need to think about it obsessively first. Haha, maybe if I liked children more I would consider clown school. You might learn some new tricks!

  6. Beej says:

    Awww, only bringing us the best quality with your obsessive heart <3 If you ever need an assistant.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you, darling, are absolutely beautiful!

  8. Aw thank you Hailey! It's all in the drag!