I've always wanted to get 3D nails done but I don't know of anywhere that does it in Seattle. While I was in San Francisco over the weekend I learned that you can get them done at Angelic Pretty every Sunday! As if they had to make my first AP shop experience any better!
I got something a little subdued opting for only four 3D bows total. I was afraid it may be hard to do anything with them but in reality, I barely notice them.
The process involved dipping my nails in a pot of glitter (the girl had about 15+ glitter colors to choose from!) and sealing it with a UV gel. I was going to do full glitter nails but decided last minute on half french.
The bows were formed using a tiny brush to mold little blobs of colored acrylic right on my nails and were decorated with some tiny glue on rhinestones!
Silly me, I assumed there were only 20 or so designs she could do but when I arrived I was handed a stack of nail art magazines to pick from! Turns out if you can dream it up, you can get it done!
The nails are $30 plus more per design per nail. I payed $30 plus $3 for each bow.
If you live in the bay area call Angelic Pretty on Kearny and book an appointment! You'll have the best nails on the block!


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  1. These look great! You are in all seriousness my idol. I am a 15 year old Canadian girl living in the suburbs. and things are pretty plain over here but when i look through your blog it gives me such inspiration. Makeup hair etc.ger you have a great creative mind and i respect that. keep being awesome!



  2. danggg I didn't know they offered that service! So awesomeee

  3. love it!


  4. Maya says:

    I fin it so unusual that all of these angelic prettys and babys are opening up overseas. If there was a store here I'd have to have a look.
    Fancy them doing nails also! Very nice glitter =) they match your blog design!

  5. San Smith says:

    your nails turned out so cute!!

  6. Vivian says:

    Cute! I like it :)

  7. EvieT23 says:

    Cool nails, awesome blog!
    Please visit:



  8. Thanks ladies! I'm glad you like them too!
    Paolina of Calur Villade- You are totally amazing! I wish I was as cool at 15. Checked out your Virgin of Guadalupe shoot which was brilliant!
    Julie- yes! You have to go next time you are in town and tell all your friends! I think it's a new service. Just call the shop.

  9. Beej says:

    Sooo when I come see SF I should 1. meet you and 2. get my nails did! I love how you did frenchies with glitter. Those bows don't look like they'd snag at all.

  10. You wont find me in SF as I was just there for a visit but you should definitely get your nails done! You will find me in NYC soon though!

  11. I just read your latest post.. good luck my pretty. And your little turbans, too! <333 You'll do so well, even if you have to improvise.. who can tell?

  12. Anonymous says:

    great nails!!


  13. Anonymous says:

    great nails!!