A brief interaction with Drag Race's Ongina at Fringe followed by the best face time EVER with Cherdonna, a fellow female DQ. Clearly we both have the same ideas about style- blonde hair, bright colors, and BIG BROWS! Our faces even made local gay news. Thats how good they are.
As you can see this is more of my Waitress meets Stewardess look. A little more sophisticated than my usual with an up-do. As it turned out, my green eye makeup glowed under black light!
Ongina seemed very sweet and a bit flustered being accosted with partygoers at the the very cramped Seattle Eagle. Lets hope she survived the night! See more pics by Kevin Kauer/NARK here.

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  1. Your look is so perfect babe!!! I love the colors! this is so mad!!! <3
    make me think the joker in sexy! Are you her daugther? XD


  2. The last picture ist soo cool! You two look like you are evil and insane!! I love it!

  3. Incredible! It looks like you two planned it. Congrats on the press ;)

  4. hope505 says:

    Quuuuuute!! !!! AW! *heeheehe what a funn time you had!& I always thought Ongina seemed like she had a very good heart on TV ~ did not see her season of RPDR but see her on DRAG U and she's very kind to those ladies...of course her headwear is the best! y'all look great

  5. Thanks!!!
    Haha, we did plan the photo. Actually, in the picture above you can see us planning it!
    Yes, Ongina does seem incredibly sweet. It was nice to meet her even if it was just briefly!

  6. Beej says:

    Those last two pictures need to be made into a .gif or strung from a baby's crib dream mobile.