Above with Sailor Hank, Aunt Kelly, and Kevin and Erik (Photos by Teflon images and Keith Johnson)

Lately I've been going out a lot and spending time with some of my favorite Seattle people. These photos are from Thursday night which I spent at Kook Teflon and Lady Krishna's retrospect show at F.R.E.D. I DJ'd the first part of the party and spent the rest of the evening mingling with some of the most unique characters in this city including Purple Mark, Aunt Kelly, Jackie Hell, and of course Kook and Miss Krishna themselves. I'll be missing these colorful folks over on the East Coast...

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  1. San Smith says:

    I love this look on you!

  2. Thanks ladies! My hair got in my face the entire night!

  3. ooh gurl, you lookin so fly!

  4. I could say the same for you! Even tough I can't see you right now. I'm just making an assumption based on the fact that you are always adorable!

  5. your hair is amazing and ui love the your outfit :3