Me and kevin by Keith Johnson

I've been doing a lot of "half drag" lately which is pretty much the same as full drag but with lower eye brows and a more appropriate outfit.
This set was taken by the talented Keith Johnson at Hard French a couple of weeks ago. If you ever invite me to a sixties theme dance party understand that I will show up with the biggest hair and dance until I can't walk straight! In this case I also took the opportunity to match my nails to my dress.
Tomorrow is the second of my three going away parties. Its at the Can Can. Why don't you come by?

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  1. beautiful 60s dance queen!

  2. digging your moves, lady. and your vivacious outfit.

  3. Allison says:

    This is such a fantastic outfit! I'm always impressed by your hair.an

  4. Excuze me miss, care for a twist? I love your outfit and all of your poses and looks. Half drag<3

  5. Anonymous says:

    The hair is SO good!

  6. new here, you have such great style, and of course you need the biggest hair at a 60s party! I recently moved from Oregon to Virginia (where I am orig. from) and it was super hard to leave the beauty and great people of the pacific northwest. depending on where you end up, though, some parts of the east coast have great drag scenes, too

  7. I V Y says:

    so freakin' cute! loving the yellow! cute blog :)


  8. Love all you ladies! I wish you could have all come out dancing!
    Melina-Thanks for the advice! So glad I'm moving to NYC where drag is rampant!

  9. You look amazing.Love your hair xx

  10. LYDIA says:

    I really like your style and your blog! X


  11. Insomnia says:

    This look is great for you. That yellow dress is like an exquisite candy! Especially love the first picture!