I hit up The Blonds after party on Wednesday with Kindra and Laura! I met so many new amazing people including David and Philipe Blond. Because everything I own is in boxes I couldn't scare up any especially Playboy ensembles so I opted for dramatic gold lame and an oversize hat. I wish I could find some more large images but none so far...
Today I'm in sick with a post moving cold. Getting sick in New York makes you miss out on so many fun things! I'm gonna load up on veggies all day so I feel better by tomorrow...

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  1. I love gold lame'. I have a blouse belonging to my grandmother somewhere in storage. Gold Lame' makes me look fatter but I love it anyway. I love the jacket on the girl on the left.

  2. You should flaunt it lady!
    Yes, that's my drag mom Kindra in the jacket!

  3. Aidan E says:

    your entire NY adventure is
    envious, looks soo fun, its one
    of my dreams to go to New York

  4. You should come! It's magical!