I'm crazy about this glitter manicure I decided to try on a rainy NYC afternoon! It was my first time trying press on nail polish strips but I think I'm pretty happy with the results. This was Sally Hansen's Frock Star manicure. 
I suggest buffing your nails first and finishing with two coats of clear on top. The strips are so long I was able to use the excess for a pedicure! Totally ridiculous.
New York is a whirlwind and I can't wait to get settled in and figure out where I belong. I can't wait for all the amazing opportunities ahead!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely adore you and your blog! So unique and creative! It is as if I have entered into another world reading your blog lol. I want to congratulate you on your move to NY, very ambitious of you! I was wondering if you could do a post about following your dreams/ moving to a new place? Something in that area lol. I am considering moving to California for fashion design and I really want to, but there are times where I want to completely give up being from a smaller town and all. I would love your advice:)



  2. Thanks Briana! I'll consider doing one eventually. Right now I'm still piecing my life together on the East Coast. Perhaps the blog itself will meld into one long piece about following ones dreams!
    I think you ought to go ahead and make the move. Be prepared to work harder than ever to come out on top. You can do it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much wonderful!! I'll be tuning in to all the amazing things you have to come:) I know you're going to blow the wig off life's head lol!! I'm routing for you<3



  4. caroline says:

    Oh, I bought these in houndstooth the other week and haven't used them yet! Pretty amazing.

  5. Sexy nails Stella! Have you ever done Minnie Mouse nails? You know, not her face actually but the polka dotted pattern of her bow and a pair of mouse ears, lol. I saw a youtube video on how to do minnie mouse nails, so cute!

  6. :D says:

    woow sexi
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  7. Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll try Minnie nails next!

  8. Love the nails. As always you're an inspiration. I've wondered about those nail stickers, I love the rainbow glitter so I'll have to try them.