Photo by Zoran Milich for Life Magazine

I wore my leather turban to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week yesterday afternoon and got it some press on Life.com! It was totally insane down there but the hat proved very popular! I'll track down some more photos soon. I love New York!

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  1. Hiroko says:

    OMG Amazing!!!
    I really liked the blue one you were wearing last night as well :)

  2. romwe says:

    Really love the style you prepare for NY..always sophisticated and extraordinary!

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  3. Aidan E says:

    you and a couple other bloggers i am geniunely happy for you're attendance on this years fashion week i hope you enjoy it <3 <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    i've got serious turban love!

  5. Krystel says:

    I want to marry your turban. It is just soo beautiful. Was it fun to wear it?

  6. Thanks everyone! If you want to order your own turban you can shoot me an email: vanityqueen@gmail.com