Staying with my mom for the past month has been an interesting experience to say the least. I must, however, say that I've been revisiting so many memories from my childhood in the apartment that I grew up in. So much remains the same as I remember it.
One of my favorite childhood memories is of my moms makeup collection. The wicker baskets are much smaller than I remember but I spread them out on the toilet seat just the way I used to and found all the same makeup inside. My favorites are from a company she used to work for called Paint. I love the little silver title stickers on the bottom of the tortoiseshell Paint lipstick tubes and the retro packaging of the eyeshadows. Still in all the wild colors I remember. I've added much of her wildest colors to my own collection. 
I know wearing 30 year old makeup is fairly disgusting but there is something magical about the blue and yellow lipsticks I grew up with. Iconic mementos of my favorite things about my mother.


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  1. Kayla says:

    I'm the same way! I have zillion year old red Avon lipstick that my Grandma gave me as play makeup when I was a kid, I've kept it and used it all these years not just because its THE best, longest lasting red I've ever had but because it reminds me of playing dress-up in my Grandma's closet.

  2. very sweet! your mom is rad.

  3. BLUE!!!! your mom rock!!! i want a blue lipstick toooo!!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies! Kayla, I'm glad I'm not alone!

  5. I have trouble getting rid of makeup I no longer use for the same sentimental reasons.

  6. Haha, clearly a makeup shrine is in order!