Me with new friends Liz and Rachel, Tavi, Ari with Lynn Dell, Iris Apfel, and me with Beatrix Ost. Photos courtesy of Metromix New York, Guest of a Guest, and Liz Dosta

I'm still reeling from my night at The Ace Hotel for Advanced Style's first party! Attendees included junior blogger Tavi as well as the infamous Iris Apfel. It was so amazing meeting so many incredible older women. They were all incredibly sweet and there was a very warm feeling in the room through the entire night. I am so captivated by Ari Seth Cohen's photos of Beatrix Ost and, as you can see above, she is just as gorgeous in person. I'd kill to look like her at any age!
I wore my custom It's Mark Mitchell green lame' dress and the matching turban I designed. I topped it off with leopard accessories. More is better at a party like this. I made lots of new friends! I hope every night in the city will by as fun as this!
Look for me in the video above at 1:00. 

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  1. I would love to of been there. Mint Green and leopard print, perfection!



  2. Vivian says:

    Nice! I love Advanced style, I wish i could be there. You looked great :)

  3. Thank you ladies! I wish you could have been there too!

  4. Look at you go! On the LIFE website, also! I am so excited to see this world unravel for you <333 SMASHING ENSEMBLE!

  5. I love these photo's so! And, yes, mint green & leopardprint is perfection x

  6. Thanks Ladies! Brenda <3

  7. The green lamé with leopard is a super cool combo. Great pictures BTW.

  8. Yeah, I'm happy I went with leopard as opposed to black.