I'm overjoyed to introduce my latest creation- The Glitter Collar! Created from silver glitter canvas and grey velvet, this peter pan style collar closes with a smart looking covered button and will bring a heavy dose of sparkle to any ensemble!
I took my sample collar on site to a shoot for Hawaiian based Contrast Magazine. I'll be featured in the November issue! Are you as excited as I am??
I'm also stoked that my new collars match Miu Miu's glitter heels which I drooled over in between shots. I'm happy to announce that my collars will be much more reasonable in price than Miu Miu glitter heels.
Let me hear your thoughts on the new design!!

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  1. What a great idea - and beautifully executed too! Great news about Contrast!

  2. WANT! This is beautiful, would love to buy one!

  3. beewaits says:

    YES - these guys are amazing. I love a glitter collar. Would love to see a sharper collar alty as well x

  4. i saw them use that glitter canvas on Mad Fashion (Bravo channel) They said that it is very sharp (the client actually cut her fingers on it) and I am cringing at having it close to my neck. How well does the lining protect you? I see it looks like soft velvet. It certainly looks AMAZING.

  5. Love it! Some days you just NEED a bit of glitter to sparkle up your outfit. This collar does the trick! :)

  6. So glad you all like it!
    Sue: yes, the material can be sharp if you get at it from an angle which is why I've taken care to line the neck opening with the velvet. My skin never once came in contact with the glitter and the velvet lining also protected my clothing! Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. I love the glitter collar! You have a dreamy glittering imagination & I really appreciate it.

  8. Heaven says:

    Good golly glitter galore! I have been wanting to make a similar collar this is awesome inspiration ;)

  9. Allison says:

    I adore this collar! It does go beautifully with the Miu Mius. I always love the designs you come up with!

  10. Thanks ladies! I'll be going in to production soon (and it wont take as long as turbans did. Progress!)

  11. I'd love one! It's gorgeous!!

  12. It would look beautiful on you!

  13. are those leggings or pants, they are so cute

  14. I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

  15. I'm so excited for you being featured in a magazine! ^^ And although I'm more a gold person, this collar is amazing.. and sparkling *-*

  16. LYDIA says:

    The collar is stunning and if I owned something as sparkly as this collar and I had made it, I would be absolutely obsessed! And I am overwhelmed at the fact that you drew your background [thanks for replying to my comment on your last post]. I want it!

    Lydia xxx

  17. Birkin- Leggings with a zipper!
    Thank you lovely ladies! I'm adjusting my pattern tonight and hope to start production on these in the next couple weeks! And Lydia- I also hope to return to street art soon which means drawings all over the place! Flattered you like the back ground!

  18. Tiara says:

    Wow, love the idea of the glitter collar! Your style and designs are amazing! Good Luck with production.

  19. Love it! I want one now! Will you be doing different colours??

  20. TalulaB says:

    I love it - I need at least one (or more if you do more colours)

    Tess x

  21. Thanks ladies! I hope to create some leather collars as well. I don't know if I can find other glitter colors though..