I added a green chunk in my hair for October. I had to dilute my dye with lotion because I couldn't find any conditioner! Gross but it worked.
If you saw my recent status you'll know that I am very excited about the sewing studio space I just acquired! I'm sharing it but it's a place where I can cut, sew, block, and make a mess which is more than I've had for the last two months. I'm already developing a new design and I'm so excited to go back into production again- this time with full force! 
Tomorrow I'm shooting an editorial for a Hawaiian magazine! Stay tuned for candid shots!

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  1. Aidan E says:

    thats cool i bet that space will work wonders

  2. I love the new hair do. congrats on your new sewing space.

  3. I love the colour in your hair it looks great.I love your hair the length and style is so pretty.Sounds great about your sewing space :) Gem xx

  4. Thanks ladies! I can't wait to get sewing for y'all!

  5. LYDIA says:

    The green in your hair really suits you! You should keep it. I love your background by the way.

    Lydia xxx


  6. Sounds like everything is going great in NY. I love the green streak. I don't think there's a color you don't look great in. I tried green once and it made me look seasick lol, I have too much yellow in my skin.

  7. Thanks grrrls! Laydia, I drew my background myself, thank you! Traci <3