As things ever so slowly fall in to place here in New York I've begun to ever so slowly piece my professional life together. Step number one was creating these sweet ass blog cards to pass out. I'm now on to step number two: creating a facebook page for my designs. I don't have a lot under my belt as a designer- yet, but as the months go on and I come into my own here in the city, my designs and business will grow and become big and strong! So if you wanna go ahead and "like" me, follow this link and check out my little page!
P.S. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on my collar design! I hope to go into production in the coming weeks so you can all be sparkling by the holidays!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me how or where did you find the design for your blog cards? Those are so awesome!

    With glitter, pearls, and lots of glamour love,

  2. Hi Brianna! I designed them myself! My friend Kevin of Nark Magazine shot the photo and I drew the background by hand and wrote the title in lipstick. It all came together through the magic of photoshop!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You're so talented! I adore you so much! Guess I need to get photoshop asap! Lol

    With glitter, pearls, and lots of glamour love,