1. Drag on the Eagle dance floor.  2. The Harvard Exit Theater  3. Erik under patio lights  4. Lady Krishna's cat  5. An old wheatpaste I put up about a year ago6. The chandelier at Pretty Parlor  7. Outside the Cha Cha  8. Mark Mitchell with Gloster  9. My ugly old moldy building10. City Market!

During my last couple weeks in Seattle I documented many of my favorite places and people on film and I'm super excited about the way many of the photos turned out!! This batch covers partying inside the Eagle where Fringe used to take place weekly and DJ Nark reigns supreme. The Harvard Exit was the movie theater I worked at for years. It used to be a suffragette club in the 20's so it's extra fancy both inside and out. My wheatpaste still stands on the corner in front of City Market where the last photo is taken. We always used to frequent City Market after the clubs got out. I've gone in there for snacks in pretty much every ridiculous costume I own with my drag queen friends. I wish I had surveillance footage...
I featured Lady Krishna's cat in her magical apartment that always smells of tea and incense and various paints. I love the way my photo of the pink chandelier at Pretty Parlor turned out. The owner-Anna, used to swing from it at every party held there. The picture taken outside the Cha Cha turned into a light show! The lights make up a large illuminated arrow pointing to the bar. It's been around forever and brings back fond memories of Seattle nightlife.
I also had to include my dear friend and mentor Mark Mitchell with his amazing dog Gloster. I've spent a lot of time pent up in his loft rhinestoning with his dog on my lap.
Finally I included my old building that I spent the bulk of the last few years in. It's crumbling from the top down and overrun with mice and black mold and when it rains all the apartments leak, even the ones on the bottom! There was a time when me and most of my closest friends rented apartments in it. Those days were horrible and magical.
This is only part one! I'll share part two with you soon. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.

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  1. These are GREAT!!!! Really dreamy and sweet. Love it!

  2. Thanks Lexi! That means a lot coming from you!

  3. Bri says:

    are there a lot of buildings with courtyards like the one in #9 in seattle? because that looks EXACTLY like the place my uncle used to live in. i visited him in seattle once like ten years ago so i only remember so much of it.

  4. Thanks Husband, I miss you too!
    Bri: there are a few here and there. Most are nicer than this one though. This building was a shit hole, haha.