I'm not exactly homesick for Seattle but having these photos already brings back memories. Sometimes it feels like I've been gone a lot longer than a month and a half. In order:
My last time in the gogo cage at the Eagle with Pierre and Dominique. A sea of popcorn that was part of my daily routine at The Harvard Exit Theater. A peek at The Atomic Bombshells pre show getting ready for the curtain to open. I got to watch all the shows from the side of the stage as a pickup girl. A view of Seattle's Space Needle as seen from my neighborhood- Capitol Hill. A collage photo of Addison in his apartment with an overap of him picking me up. Addison gives the best hugs around! The crazy twinkle lights inside Pony.
A big bowl of strawberry champagne with umbrellas that Sarah Galvin whipped up. The most amazing picture ever of William singing his last karaoke song at The Crescent Bar where he hosted. Me and some very very old friends having a reunion, a very surreal moment. One of my favorite people doing what he does best (this time it was naked jumping jacks on a busy street at 2 a.m.)! And finally, my going away poster cake.
I have some surprises coming up for my Seattle friends! Stay tuned!

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  1. For some reason I really feel like I want to have a friend who can do naked jumping jacks on a busy street at 2 am too! It seems like a really good friend to have... :)