I got these amazing Halloween esque nails done by Naomi Yasuda last weekend. Hand painted roses with stripes and rhinestones! What do you think? I'm also abusing my glitter canvas as a background before I cut it into collars! I kind of want a wall of this stuff. I'm too busy to do much this Halloween but I've been dabbling in the festivities when I get a chance. What are all of you doing to celebrate?


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  1. Lydia says:

    Those nails are amazing! I wish I could have mine like that but with school rules and all, I have no chance. For this Halloween, I am going to see the Rocky Horror show and I have my black wig, face paint and skeleton tights at the ready!xx

  2. Glad you like it, ladies! Lydia-That's a bummer about school but I'm glad you're going to Rocky Horror! That was always my favorite growing up!

  3. How wonderful that there are more female dragqueens out there.