My calico kitty-Inch, has been staying up town until I'm officially settled. It feels like she is a million miles away. Missing her has forced me to obsessively cuddle other cats such as Kindra's stupidly adorable fat faced cat Teddy pictured here. These pictures describe my future- standing in a costume room holding a cat. I should really print this and keep it in my wallet to remind me of my short term goals...

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  1. Oh my god your hat is pretty much the best thing I have seen all year,

    Harriett x

  2. Lauren says:

    That hat is awesome! And so is that cat! And I'm rhyming.

  3. As if this is a news flash! Can't wait til you get your kitty boo back.

  4. Harriett-You would look gorgeous in a hat like this!
    Haha, thanks ladies! At least I can visit mine when ever I get lonely!

  5. I love this look Stella. You look so pretty with the pink accents. I know I mentioned it before but I found a pic of me in my grandma's gold lame'. Check it out. http://www.tracismixedbag.com/2011/10/my-october-in-pictures-gold-lame.html

  6. Aw thank you Traci-for the compliments and the shout out! You look gorgeous in your gold lame'. What a find!

  7. Kezzie says:

    These are wonderful pictures! I adore your hat- you look like something ethereal out of a Midsummer night's dream! I popped across from Penny Dreadful vintage because that cat looks exactly like my beloved cat Sophie who died some years ago- what a gorgeous creature! What a great blog, I look forward to reading more! I hope you have a lovely day!

  8. Thanks Kezzie! Regards to Sophie. XO

  9. Beautiful pics! Cute kitty <3 And i love the flowers in your hair : )