I've chosen to combat the winter blues a hefty supply of floral mints. Violet mints are the most common but occasionally you can find rose flavor like the Flavigny mints pictured here which each contain an anis seed in the center.
The Leone mints are more like candy. I keep them on my dresser and eat them while I put on perfume.
My favorite floral mints are the Chowards violet mints in the foil roll. They are basically violet soaked sugar cubes and they perfume your entire mouth. I keep a case of them in my closet but a single roll will freshen your handbag! Flowers are the new mint.


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  1. caroline says:

    oh man! i am perpetually obsessed with anything floral and edible (currently: dark chocolate with lavender pieces, salad dressed with orange blossom water) but pastilles especially. they're like a little bit of magic in your handbag & they're fun to offer people you've just met. violet/rose/orange blossom anis de flavigny are my all-time favourites.

    leone totally don't cut it! i have packets of the absinthe and special edition christmas gingerbread kicking around untouched - such promising flavours, so disappointing. too scared to try the violet in case it's a washout.

    the packaging of the chowards violet mints make me wish they were available here, adorable!

    i clearly have way too much to say on this topic

  2. these sound beautiful!!

  3. Yes, the Chowards are by far the best. Actually when I first tried violet Flavigny after a Chowards mint I thought it tasted like dirt. Flavigny are fine on their own though! I've yet to taste the orange blossom.